The castings of previous James Bond incarnations had a double effect on the selected actors. It is an obvious fame-booster but also it can be a prison for future roles. All actors who have been James Bond have played their part in making the legend even bigger, all except the last one. Read on for the details about why Daniel Craig is no match for Bond´s myth.

Sean Connery, The Real Deal

It is impossible to forget the smile on half his mouth and his glamorous flirting while fiercely beating his enemies. For most of us, who are die-hard fans of the saga, Sean Connery is the real deal. Not only because of the epic Dr. No in 1962, but also because he was the first to create the myth and put body and soul to the glamour and the finesse of a muscular hero. Sean Connery is not only the real deal, but the original mold in our brains with which to judge all the rest.

Roger Moore, One Step Further

If we can think of an international Playboy who knows about every trick to seduce the hottest girl with just one look, that is definitely blue-eyed Bond Roger Moore. He introduced the humoresque parts in the films and polished away a bit of the roughness in Connery´s incarnation. Live and Let Die (1973) was a critical success from the song composed by Paul and Linda McCartney to the double-decker bus chasing, boat and plane racing and the bullets shot. Sean Connery set the mold, Roger Moore took it further.

Pierce Bronsan, Quintessential Bond Charisma

Year was 1995, the movie title Goldeneye and the main actor debuting as James was Pierce Brosnan. He is the one that can resume in one body the charisma and million-dollar handsome smile of Roger Moore while bringing back some of that fierceness that only Connery could provide to give life to one of the most revered incarnations of Bond to date. There are some key scenes like the one he destroys half the city and steps out of the tank while adjusting his tie that are the key to the role itself. Pierce Brosnan as Bond did it all: the charisma, the fierceness and the flirting glamour, with a humoresque smile. We miss you Pierce.

Craig Is No Match For This List

What are the elements that an actor has to bring to the character in order to be a believable James Bond? Well, the main two are charisma and finesse. The humoresque glamour and tong-in-cheek approach are a trademark of the series and no actor to play the role can miss those elements. What will James Bond be if he lacked the high-class finesse? He´ll be just another non-freelancing Ethan Hunt that works for the English government. Daniel Craig is way closer to Tom Cruise than he is to Pierce Brosnan, he shouldn´t even be named a part of the elite.