Blockbuster sales, a deeper emotional side and some 13 years later, Daniel Craig´s incarnation of the mythic English agent is more in doubt than ever.

The Spin For The 21st Century

Times are changing politically, emotionally and socially and the world is dropping out on some of the worn old stereotypes. The movie industry is, by no means, an exception to this. The introduction of Daniel Craig as the new James Bond in 2005 was a controversial one and a lot was said about his lack of natural charisma. He stepped in to replace Pierce Brosnan and his million-dollar smile with more of a sober attitude, not what we would expect from 007.


Although that is the case, it might be right to think that the entire idea was to move the Bond character away from all the characteristics that we have learned to love and that made him so famous. From a commercial point of view, it was the case since Craig´s Bond was the biggest selling in the history of the saga, but for those of us who love that edgy but classy way of blowing up entire buildings without wrinkling his suit is a bit of a bummer.

James Bond is not a famous saga because it is very close to be a regular human being you can come across at the supermarket, he is the complete opposite. He drives the fanciest cars and goes to the most exclusive parties while being undercover and trying to save the world. It is thrilling as an audience to be taken into a world that is behind a veil for most of us. We want to feel the adrenaline of being at the edge of death and at the same time in a tuxedo blasting a BMW with secret weapons in it. That´s what we love of James Bond and that´s what we are being deprived from with this incarnation.

Back To Basics

I´m not going to lie and say that I didn´t go to the Bond-Craig movies like Casino Royale and felt a little trapped by the special effects and of course, the good-old bashing and breaking. The camera play in the high altitude and under water sequences was completely flawless and indeed, the Aston Martin was ground breaking. But it lacked the charisma, it lacked the sensuality and the take-no-prisoners approach of classic Bond movies. He falls in love and the woman plays a key role in how the movie´s plot ends up being unfolded. Casino Royale turns the Bond saga into just another “superhero falls in love and goes through hell to rescue his girl”. That´s not typical Bond!


That is why; going back to basics might prove to be the right move. When finally, Daniel Craig is removed from those shoes that are too big for him to fit in, the next Bond should take on the antihero spot that he was put on and rise again to the stardom of the number one secret agent of all times. In my opinion, falling in love and losing his head, not smiling and having a cameo leaving the water with a sculptural body is not very James at all. The spin of the saga towards killing the natural charisma, the glamorous jokes and the over-the-top villains with just some explosions and a deeper emotional side is to take away the magic.

The Future, A Conclusion

What will have more weight in the decision that EON has to make? What will the choice of the new James Bond after the delayed 25 makes its debut be? Will it be for the fans of the old school ultra-cool agent or will it be another gym abuser without the million-dollar smile? It remains a mystery that only the highest executives of the firm can unveil. Us, from this side can say as a conclusion that the stark contrast in character can take James Bond into the common field of emotional action dramas and bury our favorite agent forever in oblivion.

The next choice for a modern James Bond will be crucial to pave the path into the following ten years in which the character can be reborn and be the greatest of all times or can be forgotten, discontinued and dead. We hope they don´t let the fans down this time.