Cool And Revered

Is James Bond the coolest action hero to ever walk the scenes of a movie? Well, it´s a controversy. We can just say that the charisma and the cool-factor are very hard to match. Read on to find out which are they key elements of Bond´s hot style.

The Cool Factor

The casting for the action hero that took place in the Bond saga that is about to reach its 25th film is really the key to this quality. Credits have to be given to the screenwriters and directors as well as Ian Flemming for the creation and adaptation of the character to newest technologies and modern times; but those who put the smile and the muscle to the role were the key to the legend.

The Cool Factor Can Be Seen In Many Items Throughout The Bond Saga

The Cars

We all know about the inventions of Q for Bond and few can forget the classic chasings in the state-of-the-art vehicle of each movie. This is the thing about classics, we want to see the cliché in a disguised way, not to notice we are watching the same again, but feeling at home. James Bond has had submerging cars, convertibles; Aston Martins, BMWs and whatever elite brand you can think of and all of them were driven with style. Cars play a huge part of the cool factor.

The Smile

Ever since the No movie, Bond has been a charismatic hero that could put you to sleep with one hand. Part of this charisma is the smile that he always has in the most crucial moments of the movie. That relieves the stress from the spectator too. James is never too serious or too stiff, he is always relaxed (because he knows he is the best).

The Dress-Code

Well, it is somewhat old-fashioned, but the smartest suits around are hard to beat. James Bond is always dressed to kill and he can just walk into a room and have all looks on him while having that particular no-stress look on his face. The dress code has always been a key part of the role and from Connery to Brosnan, they have all been respectful of it wearing only the best of clothes. You will never see Bond in jogging pants and an old weary Black Sabbath t-shirt.

The Drink

We all remember it, right? The traditional drink he asks for before introducing himself with his last name before and his full name after. The Dry Martini and his phrase: “shaken, not stirred” is already a trademark. Is it a cliché? Of course, it is and we wait for it in every movie adding to the cool factor.

Can Craig Handle
The Cool Factor?

Well, despite the huge commercial success of his Bond incarnation, there is absolutely no way he can cope with all that makes James Bond who he is. For starters, the darker mood and the more reserved, emotional and sometimes fragile approach to the character humanize him and removes some of his pedestal-status that we love. Secondly, his toughness and body-builder cameos are not what we are accustomed to. The closeness to movies like Mission: Impossible and The Transporter are a clear way of breaking the cool factor. Craig is not up to it, he lacks finesse, charm and glamour.

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