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Being from Russia has some good things and also some bad ones. One of the good ones is that we are a European country and very close to most of the locations in which the Bond movies were filmed.

“I wish I could be just like him when I grow up”

When I was a little child growing up, my dad showed me From Russia with Love and I was completely blown away by the charisma and the elegance of James Bond. I was only a kid, but I could understand some of the plot and said to myself “I wish I could be just like him when I grow up”. He just went under my skin and ever since I have gone to every Bond movie that has ever been premiered in the cinema.

The character of James Bond is a strange one because he is a hero and an anti-hero at the same time. He goes around killing people and blowing things up but, in my mind,, he is always at it for a good reason. The cool cars, the drinks, the looks, the beautiful women, the glamour and the small jokes never grow old for me. I love the clichés and I am not embarrassed to say that I love the way they slide them into every plot without overusing the resource.

Although I Am A Fan I Also Am A Critic Of James Bond Movies And Incarnations

I guess it is impossible to know as much as I do about a certain topic and not become completely taken over by it. I feel I have the right to discuss everything about Bond because I have done the hard work of diving as deep as humanly possible in his filmography.

The introduction of Daniel Craig as the new James Bond in 2005 just threatened the very foundation over which the character was built. It is not that he lacks the acting skills to be James Bond, not at all; in fact, I think he has done many great roles in the past. The thing is that he lacks the charisma, the natural flirting cooler-than-you pose that James Bond needs to stay alive. This is the reason behind the blog, I want to put all my knowledge in public hands and let people make their own conclusions about Craig being Bond and the changes the character had to go through to make it match the characteristics he had to bring.

For starters I don´t enjoy the fact that explosions, camera moves, and state-of-the-art special FX can make up for what the actor can´t bring to the saga. If Craig lacks the charisma to put a smile when he is destroying a building, he should be removed instead of having the character put on a darker, more emotional and profound aspect of himself to the camera to make up for it. This statement is not the one of a fans, but of a connoisseur of the subject. While Craig interpreted Bond, we have seen more than one Superman, Spiderman and Batman go by.

Thirteen years after
Casino Royale

His image has worn out and despite he started the role with 37 years of age, he will be 50 by the time he plays it (if he does) in James Bond 25. Isn´t that a little too much to play all the fight sequences and the jumping and running? Well, producers are trusty he can do it, which should be more than enough. What he will never have, not even with 50 years of age is less of a rusty edge to his personality and more of an upbeat speech. James Bond is not Batman! He is not the “Dark Knight” and shouldn´t have that kind of a darker side so visible, he is supposed to have fun like Pierce Brosnan enjoying he is the number one secret agent in the world!

Daniel Craig is not the James Bond that should be molding the shape of the ones to come; he should really be the exception to the rule. Long live James Bond!

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