Yes, there is an exclamation mark at the end of the title because it is completely outrageous that this non-charismatic actor can continue to play one of the most charismatic characters in the history of filmmaking. Read on to learn why James Bond´s 25th film should not feature Craig in the credits as the main actor!

News Flash!

As many of us (who follow the James Bond saga) know, Danny Boyle has left his spot empty for another director who would want to take it and shoot the film. It was a bold move by him, to leave it in a not-so-early stage due to differences with the producers. Gossip is that it was an ego fight that couldn´t be resolved since none of them would back up. When that happened, media went mad with complot theories and there was a strong word about Craig following Boyle´s steps and leaving EON and MGM empty handed and force them to start again from scratch.

Unlucky for us who don´t want Craig in the role, he has confirmed that he will continue to play 007 for at least one more movie. This gave a new air to EON and they went for a star director that is somewhat of an outsider to the world of Bond fiction: Cary Fukunaga. The Emmy-award winning director has been a sought-after name in the big leagues for quite some time and Bond could be benefited largely from his different background. Some facts about Cary:

  • He is not British, he is an American director, was born in Oakland, CA.
  • He won an Emmy award for his work on True Detective, HBO´s hit series of 2014.
  • He was born on July 10th, 1977. Bearing only 41 years of age he is younger than Craig.
  • His most relevant work was not done for the big-screen cinema, but for the small-screen in the form of series.

He is a weird choice for the movie, but those decisions in Hollywood can either prove to be awesomely good or the exact opposite. Let´s hope for the best.

From Scratch With Craig

Although much was said about his exit, the inclusion of a star director as part of the project made him stand up and say yes. The project had already been started with Boyle as the creative head, but its sudden departure put EON and MGM in a position in which they had to throw away everything that was done by Danny before leaving. The screenplay was restarted from scratch by two Bond vets: Robert Wade and Neal Purvis (Skyfall, Casino Royale and Spectre) and is very promising since the producers put together a real dream team.

Will Craig finally learn to be a true bond or will he continue with his free version?