Arguably the worst Bond incarnation to this date is Daniel Craig. He took the series in 2006 and made fantastically successful movies, but how much of that success was because he was playing the role and how much because the plots, the characters and the special effects were just amazingly good?

Thirteen years later, we are done with this actor who lacks the charisma, works out too much, is too violent and has less class than the villains he fights against. Read on to understand why Daniel Craig doesn´t do justice to the Bond role.

He Thinks Looks Are A Drag

The looks are a huge part of James Bond character!

In a recent interview, Daniel Craig told the interviewer that he was done with James Bond partly because he had to be too focused on looking good that it took energy from his acting skills (if any) and felt cornered by it.  

Let´s stop here and analyze this for a minute, because I think it is important: the looks are a huge part of James Bond character! I mean, why do we love him? Because he can kick people or break things?

Well, yes, but that is something every other character can do, doing it in style and looking amazing is a Bond particular quality that sets him apart from the rest and brought him to the present 25 movies later.

Daniel Craig, if you are reading this, James Bond fans want you to worry about the looks if you are going to be playing him!

He Can´t Make You Laugh

Daniel Craig doesn´t have all what it needs to be Bond.

Where did the humor go during the Craig era? From the Scottish smile of the great Sean Connery to the conquering looks of Pierre Brosnan, Bond always made us laugh a little while blowing up buildings, driving tanks or visiting remote islands in a submergible BMW prototype.

Yes, Daniel Craig might look better in a swimsuit walking out of the water in slow motion, but he lacks that charisma that other great actors in the role had. As Bond, you have to have the ability of looking straight at the camera and make us feel something, not be a stone-faced giant mountain o muscles that robotically tries to wipe out the bad people.

Daniel Craig doesn´t have all what it needs to be Bond, he just has one part of the skills and thirteen years later, he hasn´t learn to make up for them.

Gaycest – Very James Bond Thing

Gaycest - The SeriesWhile lots of people are going to disagree, the James Bond figure is big around gay community and there is lots of reasons for that. If we are talking about this community it’s worth mentioning that Gaycest series has a lot of James Bond kind of actions in its videos as well. It’s a fantasy taboo website where male step family members are caught in these awkward crushes that only lead to a single thing.

The Dark & Sexy Side Is Gone Too

A stone, inexpressive face and a bunch of muscles.

There is an element of darkness in James Bond, he comes from killing many people in favor of MI6 and that can make any man wear a shield on the outside while is a mourning heart in the inside. This complexity gives him this dark and sexy atmosphere and makes him irresistible to the eyes of some of the most gorgeous women in the planet.

With Craig playing the “nice, tender guy”, the dark and sexy element of complexity is gone and replaced by a stone, inexpressive face and a bunch of muscles.

We really miss that complexity and also the way Bond was moving out of all romantic bonds with every girl; he gave us the impression of being the untouchable character, the mysterious man we all want to be.

Craig, in change, played a more sensible character that was more humanized and fuller of light than his predecessors killing all the magic.


Daniel Craig doesn´t do any justice to a character he never really learns how to play. I´m not saying he can´t do it as an actor, because he is very talented, he is just not compatible with the character.