The Perfect Womanizer

He adds that glamorous touch of being a distinguished English gentleman that does all this marvelous stunt stops the bad guys and also gets to be with the hottest girl around.

It Is Not A Secret That A Huge Part Of The Bond Character Is Actually The Flirting With The Most Beautiful Women On Earth.

What Daniel Craig Has Done To This great Bond Asset?

Not A Womanizer

Daniel Craig is very much dedicated to let us know that James Bond is not the happy man that we always believed he was. To the Daily Mirror in this interview fragment, he said that “There’s a great sadness. He’s got these beautiful women but then they leave. It’s sad.” Also, he stated that not only the world around him has changed, but also that being a womanizer at his age is not the correct behavior for an old man. All these statements put a rather cold veil to the smile of the coolest secret agent in history. That is the intention of the actor and one of the reasons his incarnation is among the most controversial in history.

Misogynist Sexist

Daniel Craig also told the Esquire magazine that his version of James Bond wouldn´t be a sexist misogynist man, which is one of the main differences between his incarnation of the agent and previous ones. Well, Daniel, we disagree with you because he does get to be with the hottest, most beautiful girl around, but we never know how things end up and if he is compatible with them at what level. We can´t think he leaves them all or that all of them leave him, it´s just like any relationship of two people.

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